Moving Supplies & Packing Supplies Hueytown AL

Our full-service pit stop for moving and storage starts here at our American Mini Storage supply depot. While the speed of one-stop shopping is a decided advantage, even more helpful to you is access to all the knowledge, packing & moving supplies you need to make your move happen. If it needs to be stored in a box, we have exactly the right size box to safely do so. If your closet needs organizing by season, our wardrobe boxes create exactly the closet space you need both here and at home. When your kitchen is suffering the pains of renovation, your dishware and glassware can escape dust and damage secured in our dish and glass kits. Whatever can’t be boxed can still be protected by bubble wrap and furniture covers. We help you make sure that everything that goes IN to storage comes OUT looking as good as it did when it went in. That’s where everyone’s favorite foam peanuts come in, right alongside clean, protective packing paper.

Packing Supplies for Sale On-Site

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the storage experts at our Hueytown, AL property can help you assess what moving supplies would best help you, and how to make the most of the storage you choose. If a storage closet for business records is what you need, let us help you organize those records into a neatly packed and arranged system that creates a reliable resource. If a second garage for all your sports and seasonal gear is what you need, the right covers and organization will make the area easy to use as well as useful.

At American Mini Storage, we’re ready to be a member of your crew. Use our professional products and know-how to help you cross the finish line ahead of the chaos and clutter that tries to slow you down.

Storage Supplies Available

• Boxes, all sizes
• Wardrobe Boxes
• Dish/glass packing kits
• Tape & dispensers
• Bubble wrap
• Foam peanuts
• Packing paper
• Furniture & mattress covers
• Rope
• Box cutters and scissors